From strategy development to implementation and beyond, we partner with you every step of the way.

Cognitus combines deep expertise with a passion for innovation to help businesses thrive in today’s dynamic market. Our team brings a wealth of experience across industries and functions, empowering our clients with tailored services that drive growth and maximize value. 

SAP Service Excellence

Discover the power of SAP with specialized services designed for modern businesses.


Experience rapid cloud ERP solutions designed for quick, innovative, and predictable business growth with GROW with SAP.


Embrace the future with RISE with SAP, offering adaptable and customizable cloud ERP for comprehensive digital transformation.

Application Management Services

Enhance your SAP application management with our services, ensuring optimal performance, security, and 24/7 system excellence.

Explore Our Offerings

Discover our comprehensive range of SAP services that integrate seamlessly into your business landscape, driving sustainable innovation, efficiency, and success.

SAP Services

Embrace the full spectrum of SAP Services to ensure your business leverages the best of SAP's innovations.

Implementation Services

Accelerate your SAP implementation and achieve your full potential on time, in scope, and in budget.

Merger and Acquisition Services

Navigate mergers and acquisitions smoothly with tailored SAP services, ensuring a successful and seamless transition.

Digital Transformation Services

Forge a sustainable digital future with SAP Digital Transformation services, leveraging SAP capabilities for innovative practices.

Assessment Services

Ensure sustainable and scalable results with strategic Assessment Services, offering comprehensive advisory and insights from planning to implementation and expansion.

Rapid Cloud Deployment

Quickly migrate to SAP’s most advanced ERP systems with Rapid Cloud Deployment services, getting your business up and running swiftly.

SAP Extend and Innovate

Tailor, optimize, and evolve your SAP solutions with Extend and Innovate services, enhancing your technology backbone.

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