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SAP Yard Logistics

Enhance resource efficiency and facilitate integrated yard logistics management to optimize planning, execution, and billing processes.

SAP Yard Logistics is an innovative solution that brings efficiency and intelligence to your yard management, enabling better resource utilization, streamlined processes, and faster gate activities. Embrace the future of yard logistics with SAP’s cutting-edge technology, designed to optimize every aspect of your yard operations.

Key Benefits of SAP Yard Logistics

Enhanced Visibility and Process Control

Gain unparalleled insight and control over yard operations, facilitating swift resolution of potential issues and enhanced customer service.

Increased Efficiency in Gate Processes

Significantly reduce processing time for gate-in and gate-out activities, increasing yard throughput and reducing staffing needs.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Improve the productivity of existing equipment, such as shag trucks and shunting locomotives, thereby reducing the need for additional resources.

Streamlined Yard Management

Integrate yard order processing with transportation, warehousing, and production processes for cohesive and efficient management.

Functionality in SAP Yard Logistics for SAP S/4HANA

Core Functionality

Integration with SAP ERP, SAP TM, SAP EWM, SAP PM, and SAP LBN for comprehensive logistics management.

Advanced Yard Task Planning

Utilize tools like BRFplus for efficient yard task planning and execution.

Mobile Yard Execution and Exception Handling

Enhance yard processing efficiency with mobile capabilities and effective exception handling.

Dock Appointment Scheduling

Manage dock activities efficiently with local or SAP LBN-integrated scheduling options.

Billing of Yard Tasks

Streamline the collection and processing of yard activities for settlement preparation.

Integration Capabilities and Monitoring

Comprehensive Graphical Monitoring

Utilize intuitive monitoring tools for insight into yard operations, addressing issues and mitigating potential risks proactively.

End-to-End Process Integration

Seamlessly integrate SAP Yard Logistics with other supply chain management software in the cloud, enhancing overall efficiency and data quality.

Automated Data Capture and Analysis

Leverage automated capture and analysis of high-quality data to reduce manual yard operation efforts.

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Why SAP Yard Logistics for SAP S/4HANA

Experience unparalleled efficiency and innovation with expertly crafted solutions to drive transformative business success.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Monitor the location and condition of goods and assets in the yard, enabled by IoT integration.

Centralized Yard Management

Integrate yard logistics with other core SAP functionalities like transportation and warehousing for streamlined operations.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Achieve accurate and timely yard activity settlements, integrating yard costs with financials for better cost allocation and management.

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Why Choose Cognitus for SAP Yard Logistics Solutions

Cognitus offers a transformative approach to managing your yard operations by tailoring your journey with SAP to meet your industry-specific requirements. Our expertise in SAP solutions brings efficiency, innovation, and strategic insight to your yard management.


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