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SAP Integrated Business Planning

Empower your business with the foresight and flexibility of SAP IBP, driving innovation and resilience across your global supply chain.

Unlock the power of integrated operations with SAP IBP and combine your sales, operations, and inventory to drive a proactive, responsive, and efficient supply chain. SAP IBP enables your business to seamlessly navigate the complexities of global demand and supply, and improves the assurance of supply upstream to ensure reliable delivery to downstream customers. 

Features of SAP Integrated Business Planning

Advanced Analytics

Utilize real-time analytics to gain insights into supply chain operations and make informed decisions.

Enhanced Forecasting

Leverage predictive modeling and demand sensing capabilities to improve forecast accuracy and responsiveness.

What-if Simulations

Test different scenarios and their impact on your supply chain with SAP IBP’s simulation features.

Alerts and Notifications

Stay proactive with real-time alerts that help you anticipate supply chain disruptions and respond quickly.

Cloud-Based Solution

Enjoy the scalability and flexibility of a cloud-based platform, ensuring your planning capabilities grow with your business.

Core Capabilities of SAP Integrated Business Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

SAP IBP unites all planning aspects from inventory to sales projections in a cohesive process.

Inventory Optimization

Balance service levels with inventory costs to maintain the optimal stock and minimize carrying costs.

Supply and Response Planning

Develop feasible supply plans considering capacity constraints and demand requirements for efficient fulfillment.

Demand-Driven Replenishment

Adapt to actual demand with strategic buffer positioning across the supply chain for enhanced service levels and reduced stockouts.

Supply Chain Visibility and Control Tower

Gain end-to-end visibility into your supply chain with the ability to swiftly predict and act on potential disruptions.

SAP Supply Chain Solutions

Explore the comprehensive suite of SAP supply chain solutions, each designed to address specific aspects of your operations, from planning to execution.


SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Elevate warehouse efficiency with SAP EWM's intuitive interface and robust tools, gaining comprehensive control and visibility over warehouse operations.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Connect and streamline your manufacturing processes with SAP's cloud-based solution, driving efficiency and innovation in digital manufacturing.

SAP Transportation Management

Revolutionize logistics with SAP Transportation Management, optimizing routes and reducing costs for more efficient and reliable shipping operations.

SAP Yard Logistics

Efficiently manage yard activities with SAP Yard Logistics, enhancing operational visibility and coordination for smoother yard movements and storage.

SAP Field Service Management

Obtain real-time insights and optimize field operations with SAP Field Service Management, ensuring exceptional service delivery and operational efficiency.

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII)

Integrate real-time manufacturing data with business operations using SAP MII, enabling better decision-making and enhanced process visibility.

Addressing Supply Chain Challenges with SAP IBP

Demand Fluctuations

Manage unpredictable changes in demand with advanced forecasting and responsive planning tools, enabling improved quality of demand and supply signals that are critical to net-requirements planning calculations.

Supply Chain Volatility

Identify and mitigate potential supply chain delays using SAP IBP’s real-time digital collaboration and iterative planning between supply chain parties.

Inventory Management

Manage high-buffer inventories with enhanced contract manufacturing scenarios. Gain real-time visibility into the on-hand inventory and manufacturing capacity of n-tier suppliers and contract manufacturers. 

Operational Efficiency

Reduce planning cycle times and overall product lead time with SAP IBP’s responsive, process-driven workflows across your supply chain.


Customer Experience

Meet customer expectations by streamlining outsourced manufacturing for custom-build products with a more precise view of internal and external inventory. 

Collaborative Planning

Foster cross-departmental collaboration with proactive monitoring and alert signals, allowing planners and suppliers to collaborate and manage by exception, reducing FTE costs.

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Why Choose Cognitus for SAP IBP

Holistic Supply Chain Approach

Our deep industry insights and technical expertise deliver practical, results-driven SAP IBP solutions that align with your strategic goals.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

From roadmap development to process improvement, we provide end-to-end services, ensuring a seamless SAP IBP implementation and maximizing your investment.

Ongoing Support and Innovation

Our commitment extends beyond implementation. With continuous support and updates, we keep your SAP IBP solutions at the forefront of innovation.


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