SAP Fieldglass: Optimize Contingent Workforce Management

Elevate Your Workforce Strategy with SAP Fieldglass

Manage, engage, and optimize your external workforce for unparalleled efficiency and compliance.

Transform how you manage your contingent workforce with SAP Fieldglass, expertly implemented by Cognitus. Embrace a solution that delivers real-time visibility, streamlines compliance, and optimizes operational efficiency, setting a new workforce agility and strategic decision-making standard.


SAP Fieldglass: Powering Workforce Solutions

Key Benefits & Features

Enhanced Workforce Visibility

Gain comprehensive insight into your contingent workforce activities and performance for better management and optimization.

Streamlined Compliance and Risk Management

Automate compliance checks and documentation processes, ensuring adherence to labor laws and internal policies to mitigate associated risks.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Control

Leverage automated workforce procurement and onboarding processes, leading to increased operational efficiency and effective cost management.

Data-Driven Strategic Decision-Making

Utilize real-time analytics and insights to make informed, strategic decisions regarding your workforce.

Comprehensive Workforce Management

Manage the complete lifecycle of your contingent workforce, from requisition and engagement to offboarding and evaluation, all within a centralized system.

Discover the Full SAP Fieldglass Portfolio

Contingent Workforce Management

Thriving amidst continual change requires swift talent acquisition, effective engagement of top-tier workers, meticulous progress and payment management, and seamless offboarding and analysis. SAP’s Contingent Workforce Management solution, seamlessly integrated into your technology platform, stands ready to facilitate these essential processes.

Services Procurement

Procurement teams are tasked with mandates to manage costs, streamline processes, mitigate risk, and achieve strategic goals. Embracing a comprehensive services procurement solution enables you to meticulously track the details of each project, addressing the "who, what, where, when, why, and how" to fulfill demands and ensure project success.

Worker Profile Management

Enhancing compliance and reducing risk becomes more effective when you boost visibility and control over your entire nonpayroll workforce, extending to those not explicitly linked to a job posting or statement of work in your vendor management system.

Assignment Management

Efficiently bring on board, oversee, and pay numerous workers across various assignments. Skillful coordination allows for the effective management of service providers handling complex maintenance and repair tasks. Integrated assignment management simplifies the process, guaranteeing the accurate completion of work and precise compensation.

Comprehensive Spend Management Suite

SAP Ariba

Streamline your sourcing, procurement, and spend analysis for smarter, more efficient operations.

SAP Business Network

Enhance procurement efficiency with SAP Business Network, fostering real-time collaboration and transparency across your supply chain.

SAP Concur

Revolutionize travel and expense management with SAP Concur for expense reporting and ensuring efficiency, compliance, and control over company spending.

Why Choose Cognitus for SAP Fieldglass

Partner with Cognitus to harness the full potential of SAP Fieldglass for your contingent workforce management. Our tailored implementation services ensure that partnering with us will position you to fully leverage SAP Spend Management solutions, scaling your business and maintaining industry leadership.

Tailored Solutions

We offer a range of customized software products to meet your specific needs. These solutions are built to fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and drive your business forward.

Precision in Scope

Our commitment is to empower businesses to realize their full potential in-scope, on-time, and in-budget.

Comprehensive Support

We manage all stages of your technology initiatives, enhancing data security and streamlining operations by eliminating redundant tasks with on-shore, off-shore and near-shore support options.

Industry Expertise

We have extensive cross-industry expertise to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Explore Our Range of SAP Services

SAP Services

Specialized support for all your SAP-related needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimization.

Implementation Services

Expert guidance for implementing seamless data migration, ensuring your transition to SAP S/4HANA is smooth and successful.

Rapid Cloud Deployment

Leverage our rapid-deployment solutions for a swift, secure, and scalable cloud migration experience.

Assessment Services

Gain clarity and direction for your SAP journey with our thorough assessment services, designed to align technology with your business goals.

Optimizing Workforce Management with Expertise

SAP Fieldglass Mobile Apps: Empowering Workforce Agility

SAP Fieldglass Manager Hub

Efficiently oversee workforce operations while on the move.

  • Swift and secure login via PIN or biometric recognition. 
  • Streamlined worker management including job creation, candidate assessment, interview scheduling, hiring, rate review, and work order adjustments.
  • Instant overview of worker status and alerts via the My Workers dashboard.
  • Supervise and authorize worker activities, timesheets, and expenses in one place.
  • Access and handling of pending approvals, interviews, work items, and more.

SAP Fieldglass Time Entry

Empower your external workforce to conveniently manage timesheets on the mobile and log work hours from anywhere, at any time.

  • Swift recording, review, and adjustment of work hours without the need for desktop login.
  • Daily input for improved accuracy in time reporting.
  • Instant response to rejected timesheets to ensure smooth invoicing cycles.
  • Real-time visibility into past and pending time sheets for up-to-date status tracking.

SAP Fieldglass Service Orders

Stay on top of field task progress by enabling your workforce to view and record task completion quickly and efficiently.

  • Sort work items and tasks based on status and expected completion dates. 
  • Mark items as complete as work progresses.
  • Attach and provide descriptions for supporting documents, like photos or receipts, to track completed work or purchased supplies.


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