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Extend and Innovate Services

Unleash the full potential of SAP to drive innovation and extend your digital capabilities.

Extend and Innovate services simplify the historically complex and costly process of customizing and extending SAP systems. With features like advanced analytics, generative AI integration, and cloud scalability, organizations can maximize SAP investments, saying goodbye to past complexities and expenses. Extend and Innovate represent innovation beyond infrastructure, guiding businesses toward Industry 4.0.


Make the Most of Your SAP Solutions

Extending boundaries and innovating across industries with advanced analytics, generative AI integration, and cloud scalability.

​​SAP Extend & Innovate: Simplifying Business Processes

Business Intelligence

Gain real-time insights from your SAP data and leverage advanced SAP analytics, including customer 360 data, financial analytics, sales and marketing trends, and supply chain analytics, to inform data-driven decision-making.


Enterprise-Level Integration and IoT

Effortlessly combine SAP with Azure’s Enterprise Integration and IoT solutions to enhance data flow, unlock real-time insights, and leverage the potential of IoT data for your organization.

Data Management with Azure Databricks

Merge SAP data with Azure Databricks for better data storage and analytics. Get more from your data for strategic decisions.


Enterprise Data Warehouse and Big Data

Elevate data-driven decision-making by seamlessly merging SAP data with Azure Databricks, offering scalable storage and advanced analytics capabilities.

Generative AI and Advanced Analytics

Optimize forecasting accuracy and operational efficiency by employing advanced analytics features such as predictive analytics, demand forecasting, demand sensing, and inventory optimization.

SAP Bots and Teams App

Improve the SAP user experience and collaboration through the integration of Generative AI-powered SAP bots and Teams app functionalities, facilitating efficient communication and streamlined access to SAP data.

Our Differentiators

Deep SAP Partnership

Our strong collaboration with SAP ensures a smooth and integrated experience tailored to your needs.

Company-Wide Integrations

We specialize in integrating solutions across your entire organization, fostering seamless collaboration and efficiency.

AI Capabilities

Benefit from our advanced AI features seamlessly integrated into SAP processes, enhancing overall performance.

Security and Compliance

Our robust security measures combined with deep industry compliance experience, ensures your SAP environment is protected and compliant with industry standards.

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