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Supercharge Your Pricing with Pricefx

Embrace pricing intelligence and enhance SAP with Pricefx's endorsed app

In today’s dynamic market, pricing agility is crucial. Leading enterprises trust Pricefx to optimize their pricing strategies, maximize profits, and maintain a competitive edge. Cognitus implements Pricefx’s leading cloud-native pricing software to align your pricing strategy with your business needs, yield maximum ROI, and sustain long-term pricing success. Unlock your true business potential with us!

Enhance Every Stage of Your Pricing Journey with Pricefx and Cognitus

Simulate pricing scenarios and use advanced algorithms and machine learning to determine optimal prices based on various factors such as demand, competition, and market trends.


Set and control discount structures, ensuring consistency and compliance with pricing policies.


Manage and track rebate agreements and performance, ensuring accurate calculations and payments and measuring their impact on sales and profitability.


Manage pricing across the entire product lifecycle, from introduction to end-of-life, ensuring optimal pricing strategies at each stage. Plan and execute promotional pricing strategies to boost sales and manage inventory.


Simplify the creation, management, and distribution of price lists across different channels and regions.


Configure complex products, generate accurate pricing, and create professional quotes in real time. Pricefx’s CPQ tools enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and speed up the sales cycle for higher customer satisfaction.


Segment customers based on purchase behavior, demographics, and profitability and create targeted pricing strategies tailored to specific customer segments.


Key Benefits of Pricefx

Pricing Guidance

Pricing Guidance

Leverage AI-driven price recommendations based on historical data, market conditions, and customer behavior and support your sales teams with real-time guidance during negotiations to maximize deal profitability.

Cloud-Native Platform

Cloud-Native Platform

Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-native platform designed to adapt to your business needs. Ensure high availability and quick deployment with robust cloud infrastructure.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Gain real-time insights and comprehensive reports on pricing performance, helping businesses make data-driven decisions. Monitor key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of pricing strategies and identify areas for improvement.

Easy Integration and Extensibility

Easy Integration and Extensibility

Pricefx seamlessly integrates with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms to ensure data consistency and streamline workflows.

Customizable Solutions

Customizable Solutions

Tailor your pricing software to meet the specific business needs and requirements of your industry including wholesale distribution, manufacturing and more.

Competitive Price Tracking

Competitive Price Tracking

Integrate competitive pricing data to monitor market trends and adjust pricing strategies accordingly. Pricefx’s competitor analysis tools help businesses stay competitive and proactively identify opportunities for price adjustments.

Achieve Industry-Specific Pricing Goals with Pricefx and Cognitus

Wholesale Distribution

Increase market share, establish new supplier partnerships, and launch new products with Pricefx’s dynamic pricing strategies and tools for customer segmentation to improve customer satisfaction at reduced costs.

  • Rebate management with accruals
  • Promotion and contract management
  • Optimization & analytics
  • Ship & debit
  • Dynamic price setting
  • Configure Price Quote tools
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Launch new products, manage pricing strategies throughout the product lifecycle, and maximize revenue by ensuring optimal pricing at all times with Pricefx’s advanced pricing analytics, product lifecycle pricing, and sustainability metrics.

  • Cost-plus and margin-based pricing
  • Channel and customer-specific pricing
  • Complete support for price waterfall
  • Profitability analysis
  • Promotion and campaign management
  • Inventory and supply chain optimization
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Navigate complex supply chains, diverse product lines, and competitive market dynamics as Pricefx empowers flexible price structures, robust market analysis, and regional price variations to fulfill consumer demand and future-proof your operations.

  • Inventory and supply chain pricing
  • Flexible and agile pricing models
  • Localized pricing management
  • Market and competitive price monitoring
  • Dealer and channel management
  • Customer-specific pricing

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Consumer Goods

Rapidly adapt your pricing to real-time demand fluctuations and beat fast-paced market shifts with Pricefx’s dynamic promotional pricing and discount strategies and seasonal price management to stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • Volume and trade promotions
  • Seasonal and event-based pricing models
  • Product lifecycle management
  • B2B and B2C pricing strategies
  • Cost-plus and value-based pricing

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Maximize Your Pricefx Implementation with our Pricing Partners

Leverage Cognitus’ partnership with industry-leading pricing solution providers and enhance your pricing strategy to maximize profits!


Harness our deep expertise in SAP’s solutions and implementation and enhance your pricing strategy by seamlessly integrating with SAP’s most advanced ERP!


Simplify complex pricing models with Vistex®’s end-to-end pricing and rebate management solutions to ensure consistency across channels and improve profitability.

The Cognitus Edge: Implementing Pricefx for SAP Customers

Seamless Integration

Integrate Pricefx's cloud-native platform with SAP S/4HANA and other SAP solutions seamlessly to streamline complex pricing structures, accelerate time-to-value, and maximize profits.

Pricefx’s SAP-Endorsed Capabilities

Make the most of SAP-endorsed Pricefx capabilities with our tailored implementation methods and achieve unparalleled excellence across your price optimization and management.

No Technology Bias

As a recognized Pricefx partner and SAP gold partner we ensure that you get the best out of your SAP and Pricefx implementations, at the same time.

Proven Success Record

Leverage a strong track record of successful Pricefx implementations within SAP environments across industries, supported by best practices and certified proficiency in sales, pricing, and revenue management.


Not sure which stage of the pricing journey you are at?

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Why Choose Cognitus for your Pricefx Implementation?

Unmatched Expertise

As a recognized Pricefx partner, our team of seasoned pricing experts brings unparalleled expertise in pricing implementations, so your business can scale with agility and confidence.

Customized Solutions

Our industry-centric approach tailors Pricefx’s solutions to the unique challenges and opportunities of your sector, ensuring a perfect fit for your business needs.

Transform with Cognitus

Gain strategic insights for pricing, rebates, and financial management with certified experts. Whether in wholesale distribution, retail, or consumer products, we equip your enterprise with the tools to excel in the digital age.

End-to-End Partner

Transform your business confidently with a partner that has a 360-degree view of all industry trends and technology stacks.

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