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SAP Business Network

Connect your buyers and suppliers in a unified platform, facilitating collaboration
and transactions in real-time.

Revolutionize your supply chain with the SAP Business Network. Streamline procurement and maximize value with seamless supplier collaboration. Unlock real-time visibility and efficiency in your supply chain operations, paving the way for agile, responsive business practices.

Maximizing Efficiency in Supplier Relations

Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitate seamless interactions between buyers and suppliers,
fostering stronger partnerships and streamlined communication.

Real-Time Insights

Gain immediate visibility into supply chain activities, enhancing
decision-making and responsiveness to market changes.

Process Optimization

Automate and refine procurement processes, reducing manual
efforts and increasing overall operational efficiency.

End-to-End Compliance

Adhere to stringent compliance requirements across the value
chain while minimizing supply chain disruptions.


Empower Global Digital Collaboration with SAP Business Network

Tackle the challenges of siloed enterprise systems, lack of supply chain visibility, and slow, manual processes that make collaboration impossible with SAP Business Network.

Drive Productivity with Efficient Collaboration Across Every Module



Connect with suppliers digitally while maintaining spend transparency and compliance at reduced costs. SAP’s products help businesses locate diverse and qualified suppliers to meet dynamic market demands quickly and efficiently.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Optimize planning with SAP’s leading solutions. Share forecasts, secure commitments from trading partners, and validate plan feasibility, while fostering transparency across multiple trading tiers in inventory, quality, and procurement processes.



Enhance visibility into freight order lifecycle and goods in transit while strengthening material traceability to increase on-time deliveries and mitigate supply risk with solutions dedicated to each process.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Leverage one unified platform to facilitate seamless collaboration between operators, manufacturers, and service providers for optimal data integrity.



Unlock maximum profitability with solutions for dynamic discounting and Accounts Receivable financing and Inventory Management, to enhance financial supply chain resilience.



Effectively oversee your client connections and expand your enterprise with tools tailored to enrich digital cooperation among suppliers, producers, carriers, and service providers, fostering
business growth.

Explore Our Range of SAP Services

SAP Services

Specialized support for all your SAP-related needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimization.

Implementation Services

Expert guidance for implementing Alchemy effectively, ensuring your transition to SAP S/4HANA is smooth and successful.

Rapid Cloud Deployment

Leverage our rapid-deployment solutions for a swift, secure, and scalable cloud migration experience.

Assessment Services

Gain clarity and direction for your SAP journey with our thorough assessment services, designed to align technology with your business goals.


CIS-Shield: Revolutionizing Ariba Security

For the first time, experience unparalleled protection of supplier information. CIS-Shield ensures your supplier data remains secure and compliant, setting a new standard in procurement safety.

Comprehensive Spend Management Suite

SAP Ariba

Streamline your sourcing, procurement, and spend analysis for smarter, more efficient operations.

SAP Fieldglass

Transform how you manage your external workforce and services procurement with a more flexible, insight-driven workforce management.

SAP Concur

Revolutionize travel and expense management with SAP Concur with seamless integration for expense reporting, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and control over company spending.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation
Embrace Ongoing Evolution with SAP

With SAP’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, stay ahead in the dynamic business world. Benefit from regular updates, new features, and cutting-edge technologies, all expertly integrated and supported by Cognitus, to ensure your supply chain stays ahead in efficiency and adaptability.


Explore SAP Business Network

Understand how SAP Business Network connects businesses globally, streamlines processes, and fosters collaboration in supply chains.

SAP Business Network: Solution Insights

Gain insights on enhancing supply chain connectivity and collaboration for more efficient business operations.

RISE with SAP Business Network

Get a quick glimpse into how RISE with SAP and SAP Business Network can help simplify the order-to-invoicing process with this infographic.

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