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Redefine Travel and Expense Management with SAP Concur

Experience streamlined business travel and expense management, for unmatched efficiency and policy compliance.

Navigate the complexities of business travel and expense management with SAP Concur, streamlined for precision and ease by Cognitus. This leading solution simplifies and automates expense tracking and travel arrangements, offering unparalleled control, compliance, and insight into your company’s spending. 


Discover the Full Suite of SAP Concur


Automate your expense reporting once and for all. What’s next? You gain the ability to consolidate spending data from various sources, make informed spending decisions using precise information, expedite employee reimbursements, and streamline the entire expense reporting process.

  • Access all your expense data conveniently in a unified platform.
  • Tailor settings to align with your business requirements.
  • Effortlessly enforce and modify spending policies.
  • Streamline expenses and report processing with e-receipts.


Enable great traveler experience with better control and data visibility. Whether your travel program is well-managed, partially managed, or falls somewhere in between, SAP Concur solutions, along with our broad network of travel suppliers, can assist you in establishing an automated, integrated corporate travel system to meet all your travel and expense objectives.

  • Gather travel data regardless of the booking source.
  • Access consolidated travel information through a unified dashboard.
  • Effortlessly reserve air, rail, hotel, and car services using a single online booking tool.
  • Simplify policy compliance for employees.
  • Empower employees with the flexibility to independently book their travel arrangements.


Truly automate your AP management. The impact of vendor payments on profitability rivals that of revenue, yet numerous businesses persist in employing inefficient manual methods for AP management. Through the automation of invoice management, your business can enhance spending visibility, alleviate mundane tasks, and bolster its financial performance.

  • Proactively manage vendor spending to control costs effectively.
  • Enhance compliance measures and mitigate the risk of fraud.
  • Equip employees with mobile tools, enabling them to work from any location.
  • Capture essential data for informed business decision-making.

Streamlined Travel & Expense Management

Automated Expense Processes

Eliminate manual expense reporting, integrating spending from multiple sources for faster reimbursements and simpler reporting.

Simplified Travel Management

Enable employees to book compliant business travel effortlessly, with access to the best rates and a streamlined booking process.

Real-Time Data and Policy Compliance

Gain accurate, consolidated views of expense data, ensuring adherence to spending policies and enhancing budgeting and forecasting.

Mobile Accessibility & Secure Tracking

Manage and approve expenses on the go, with secure tracking of expense data and full integration with existing systems.

AP & Invoice Automation

Streamline AP management and invoice processing for increased efficiency and profitability, with enhanced visibility into spending.

Sustainable Business Practices

Support environmental and business sustainability with SAP Concur's travel management capabilities.

SAP Concur Mobile App: Capture Expenses on the Go

Automate Receipt Reporting

Turn images into processable documents and auto capture expenses from physical bills, emails and corporate cards with OCR. Access features like automatic mileage and route capture seamlessly.

Ease of Booking

Enable employees to book flights, hotels, and cabs from anywhere without being tied to a desktop.

Single-Click Approvals

The complete audit trail is in one place so you can approve expenses from anywhere without any delays in the reimbursement cycle.

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The Cognitus Advantage with SAP Concur

End-to-End Process Automation

Utilize Cognitus’s expertise to automate the entire travel and expense journey, from booking to reimbursement, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

Enhanced Visibility and Strategic Insights

Gain valuable insights from real-time visibility into travel and expense data, enabling strategic decision-making and optimization of travel budgets.

Future-Proof Travel and Expense Management

Prepare your business for the future with SAP Concur and Cognitus, ensuring a solution that addresses current challenges and adapts to evolving business needs.

Comprehensive Spend Management Suite

SAP Ariba

Streamline your sourcing, procurement, and spend analysis for smarter, more efficient operations.

SAP Business Network

Enhance procurement efficiency with SAP Business Network, fostering real-time collaboration and transparency across your supply chain.

SAP Fieldglass

Transform how you manage your external workforce and services procurement with a more flexible, insight-driven workforce management.

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