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Navigate the new era of automotive excellence, driving innovation in electric vehicles, AI integration, and sustainable supply chains.

The fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing and services calls for fast-track growth. Unlock new revenue streams, build resilient supply chains, and drive sustainable and profitable manufacturing with the right cloud ERP.

Enabling Comprehensive Automotive Operations

Research, Development, and Engineering

Collaborate across the automotive ecosystem, accelerating product development and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Manufacturing and Outbound Logistics

Implement Industry 4.0 and smart factory technologies for agile and highly autonomous automotive manufacturing processes.

Responsive Supply Networks

Connect your buyers and suppliers in a unified platform, facilitating collaboration and transactions in real-time. 

Sales and Customer Experience

Deliver personalized automotive experiences, connecting data across channels for deeper insights and proactive customer engagement.

Aftermarket Service

Grow revenue and brand loyalty with omnichannel customer service, efficient parts management, and effective warranty claims processing.

Unlock the Most Powerful SAP ERP System on the Market 


Enhancing the Automotive Industry with SAP Solutions

Explore how SAP S/4HANA revolutionizes the automotive industry. Discover insights on optimizing supply chains, enhancing production efficiency, and streamlining operations through cloud technology.

Whether you’re embracing your first cloud ERP solution or transitioning from an on-premise system, the shift to cloud ERP offers a host of benefits. Experience end-to-end product lifecycle management and real-time insights to revolutionize your supply chain.

Your Path to Cloud ERP Starts Here


Discover ready-to-run cloud ERP options with speed, predictability, and continuous innovation.


Unlock highly adaptable and fully customizable cloud ERP, enabling comprehensive digital transformation that seamlessly aligns with the evolving needs of your business.

Elevate Your Automotive Operations with Cognitus and SAP

Discover how our comprehensive suite of solutions can transform every aspect of your automotive business, from manufacturing to customer engagement, driving efficiency and innovation at every turn.

Digital Supply Chain

Optimize your automotive processes with leading Digital Supply Chain solutions, integrating cutting-edge technology for peak operational efficiency.

Spend Management

Optimize spending across your automotive organization with strategic procurement and robust spend management solutions. 

Intelligent Pricing

Harness the right technology to optimize your pricing strategies, ensuring profitable transactions and achieving exponential growth.

Smart Finance and Analytics

Discover valuable insights and enhance financial operations with intelligent analytics and real-time data.

Transforming the Automotive Industry with Advanced Solutions

Driving Innovation in Mobility and Manufacturing

Cloud ERP Management

Focus: Gain real-time insights for improved efficiency, cost reduction, and quality enhancement.

Benefits: Modern, cloud-based ERP solutions provide real-time inventory, demand, and supply chain insights.

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Tailored Industry Expertise

Focus: Customized implementation for specific automotive business requirements.

Benefits: Harness the latest innovations with industry-specific best practices to meet the unique challenges of the automotive sector.

Discover Implementation Services

Profitable E-Commerce

Focus: Creating adaptive and connected commerce experiences.

Benefits: Drive profitability with a feature-rich platform that enables insightful and flexible e-commerce strategies.

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Supply Chain & Sustainability Management

Focus: Enhancing supply chain efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Benefits: Leverage scalable planning tools, carbon footprint tracking, and smart warehousing technology through SAP S/4HANA. 

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Your Partner for Automotive Excellence

At Cognitus, we do not just collaborate with businesses, we drive change. Our tailored implementation services ensure that partnering with us positions you to fully leverage SAP S/4HANA solutions, while scaling your business and maintaining industry leadership.

Tailored Solutions

Leverage a range of customized software products to meet your specific needs. These solutions are built to fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and drive your business forward. 

Precision in Scope

Our commitment is to empower businesses to realize their full potential in-scope, on-time, and in-budget.

Comprehensive Support

Leave all stages of your technology initiatives to us, from enhancing data security to streamlining operations by eliminating redundant tasks with on-shore, off-shore and near-shore support options.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from our extensive cross-industry expertise to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Streamlining Supply Chains: Visibility & Intelligence

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CPOs in Automotive: Key Questions

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ERP and Business Transformation Impact

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