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Enhance time-to-value with an ERP solution built for professional services. An ERP with project accounting integrated within your ERP improves processes for bid/proposal, time and expense management, WIP & revenue management, billing and overall profitability. 

Discover 5 ways Professional Services leaders can streamline day-to-day project operations.

Industry challenges & trends

The Evolving Landscape of Professional Services

Gartner foresees an increased reliance on external consultants in the Professional Services industry due to rapid digital transformation. This growth poses challenges for firms, complicating the balance between supply and demand, quality control, and general project delivery. Further, pressure on billable rates necessitates the offering of alternative billing approaches, such as deliverable-based milestone billing.

Here’s a look at the key industry trends and how our solutions are designed to meet these evolving needs.

Digital Transformation

Firms are increasingly adopting digital technologies for better efficiency and client engagement. Professional Services firms are moving towards advanced ERP systems, to adopt a digital-first approach to project management and operations.

Remote Work and Collaboration

The rise of remote work necessitates advanced collaboration tools. Mobile-enabled functionalities are required to support efficient remote workflow management, keeping teams connected and productive.

Alternative Offerings

There is a growing shift towards more personalized and client-focused service delivery. Knowledge-as-a-service agreements and other solution-oriented service offerings enable firms to turn project-based services into subscription based agreements, reducing sales efforts and smoothing out revenue streams.

Effective Project Planning

Strategic project planning is critical in aligning resources and objectives. Precise planning methodologies are needed to ensure projects are executed efficiently and in accordance with clients’ expectations.

Real-Time Financial Insights

The need for immediate financial data and project metrics is more critical than ever. Real-time analytics and visibility into financials are fundamental to informed decision-making.

Global Service Expansion

The trend towards offering services across borders is evolving and ongoing. Firms are moving towards global service delivery to ensure smooth operations in diverse markets.

Whether embracing your first cloud ERP solution or transitioning from an on-premise system, the shift to cloud ERP offers many benefits. Experience accurate project profitability and revenue tracking, best-in-class bid management, and rapid talent sourcing and onboarding. 

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Discover ready-to-run cloud ERP options with speed, predictability, and continuous innovation.


Unlock highly adaptable and fully customizable cloud ERP, enabling comprehensive digital transformation that seamlessly aligns with the evolving needs of your business.


Streamline Project Management for Your Professional Services Company

Watch this video to discover how the right cloud ERP can help streamline time management, resource utilization, project planning, and more.

Accelerated Cloud Deployment for Professional Services

Implement SAP S/4HANA with a powerful and pre-defined scope and timeline, ensuring a smooth go-live within just 12 weeks. Choose between two levels of offerings and select the plan that best fits your business
needs and budget.

Sub-Industry Excellence

Tax & Audit

For the Tax and Audit sector, precision and compliance are paramount. SAP solutions cater to these industries by providing robust, real-time data analysis, comprehensive audit trails, and streamlined compliance processes. Elevate the accuracy and efficiency of your tax and audit operations, ensuring adherence to ever-changing regulations and standards.


For Consulting firms, adapting to client needs and market dynamics is crucial. Advanced data analytics, client relationship management tools, and efficient project tracking systems empower consulting professionals. Stay ahead in a competitive landscape with solutions that enhance your advisory capabilities and operational agility.

Business Services

Business Services require a delicate balance of resource management, client satisfaction, and operational efficiency. SAP solutions optimize these facets, providing seamless project management, financial tracking, and client engagement tools. Transform your business services with technology that drives growth and fosters sustainable client relationships.

Unlock the Most Powerful SAP ERP System on the Market 

Empowering Transformation in Professional Services

From optimizing operations to enhancing customer engagement, discover how our solutions can empower your firm to navigate complexities confidently and drive sustainable success.

Sell and Plan

Boost sales effectiveness and profitability with a unified client data view. Improve win rates, ensure consistency across channels, and gain accurate project insights. Fast-track business model innovation, implement contextual marketing, and explore new revenue streams with superior bid management.


Maximize your engagement delivery from bid to cash with PSA software. Achieve rapid growth by transforming business models to include usage or subscription services, projects, and products. Enjoy an integrated solution, insights into project status, project performance analytics, business process automation, and predictive finance technology.

Total Workforce Management

Leverage external talent networks and internal contributions to maximize value. Benefit from intelligent workplace experiences, gain visibility into talent, workforce impact, and HR costs. Track resource demands for project-based services, enable swift talent sourcing and onboarding, and access a market-leading talent network.

Bill and Manage

Effortlessly control costs and minimize risk. Manage project financials, including profitability and revenue recognition, in real time. Enjoy a centralized journal for company-wide finances, support for multiple revenue recognition methods, and in-depth prebuilt localization and compliance features.

Meet Our Professional Services Leadership Team

Our leadership team – a group of seasoned experts with deep industry knowledge is at the core of our pioneering approach to professional services. Meet the minds leading the way in shaping a smarter, more efficient future for professional services.

Adam James
Adam James

Managing Director, Service Industries

Tammy Kearney
Tammy Kearney

Implementation Management Lead


Revolutionizing Professional Services Management

The Cognitus Industry Solution for ProServ (CIS-PS) integrates seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA, offering professional services firms the tools they need for advanced project execution capabilities. Embrace streamlined bid-to-closure operations, enhanced information visibility & accountability, plus superior project control with CIS-PS, designed to elevate your service delivery.

Connect and Automate Your Entire Project Lifecycle

Industry-tailored ERP and PSA solutions are vital for efficiently handling core business operations like project planning, financial management, time tracking, and reporting. Leverage SAP’s advanced tools to streamline planning, enhance collaboration, optimize resource utilization, and boost project profitability.


Effectively Track Customer Engagement

Track all customer interactions and communications with SAP’s Customer Experience portfolio, ensuring centralized access to vital customer and company information.

Complete Financial and Project Visibility

Achieve accurate financial analysis with SAP’s robust finance and analytic capabilities, offering real-time reporting for quick analysis of actual, budgeted, and committed figures.

Proactive Resource Management

Optimize resource management with SAP’s Human Capital Management software, providing professional service firms with a unified, cloud-based solution to budget, allocate, and forecast resources.

Connected Business Insights

Gain deep insights into client, resource, and project performances and improve decision-making with role-based dashboards. 

SAP Store Spotlight: The Simple Timesheet

Elevate your time management with The Simple Timesheet, powered by SAP BTP and optimized for both SAP S/4HANA Public and Private Cloud editions. This user-friendly, mobile-ready app designed for simplicity and accuracy, revolutionizes time tracking. It enhances efficiency and reduces costs, empowering users with intuitive interfaces and actionable insights into time management.


Cloud ERP in Professional Services

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