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Future-Proof Your SAP Operations with Expert AMS

Optimize your enterprise applications with dedicated SAP management.

Ensure seamless software operations and compliance for both your SAP and non-SAP applications. Our AMS partner skills, service locations, experience, and scalability ensure the highest quality service at an affordable cost.

Transform Your SAP Landscape

The Six Pillars of Our AMS Service

Foundational Strength for Unmatched SAP Support

Our Application Management Services are built on six core pillars, each addressing key areas of your SAP system to ensure comprehensive support and sustainable success:

Customer-Centric Support

We put your needs at the forefront, customizing services to align with your business objectives for enhanced user satisfaction and operational excellence.

Value-Driven Optimization

Our AMS is designed to maximize the return on your SAP investment, streamlining processes to drive efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.

ITSM Framework Adherence

By applying ITIL best practices, we ensure that our service management approach is robust, reliable, and in tune with your business strategy.

Synergetic Application Ecosystem

We create a cohesive environment where applications work in harmony, supported by automated change and management for smooth operations.

Proactive and Intelligent Solutions

Our 24/7 service desk, equipped with process monitoring and improvement mechanisms, guarantees that issues are addressed promptly, often before they impact your business.

Cost-Effective Strategies

With a focus on delivering value, our AMS solutions are about maintaining and optimizing your SAP environment to ensure it is as cost-effective as possible.

Comprehensive AMS: Covering the Full SAP Lifecycle

Our Application Management Services (AMS) offer an extensive range of solutions encompassing every phase of the SAP lifecycle. We’re committed to delivering end-to-end services that maintain, enhance, and optimize your SAP environment.

Rapid Response Operations Support

We provide rapid response and resolution services to address immediate issues in your SAP environment, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your business operations.

Proactive Monitoring and Adjustments

Our team proactively monitors your SAP systems, making necessary adjustments to maintain optimal performance and prevent potential issues.

Dataflow Integrity Management and Troubleshooting

We ensure seamless data flow across your systems, monitoring interfaces and quickly troubleshooting any issues to maintain data integrity and connectivity.

Change Management with TMS Expertise

Our TMS services facilitate efficient and secure management of development changes, ensuring smooth transitions and adherence to best practices.

Comprehensive Systems Maintenance

We handle critical maintenance tasks, including upgrades, service packs, security patches, system refreshes, and cloud services to keep your SAP environment up-to-date, secure, and running efficiently.

Strategic Project Execution

Our team is equipped to take on special assignments, providing expertise in system enhancements, mergers and acquisitions, data migration, security enhancements, strategic planning, and driving innovations within your SAP landscape.

Transform Your Business with SAP Solutions

Dive into the world of our diverse SAP solutions and find the perfect tool to drive your business forward. Whether it's optimizing your operations, enhancing customer experiences, or managing finances, we have the right solution tailored for your success.

Discover Industry-Specific SAP Excellence

Learn how SAP solutions can uniquely benefit your industry. From Aerospace & Defense to Professional Services and beyond, let us show you the path to enhanced efficiency and innovation.

Certified AMS Excellence

Cognitus is recognized for its excellence in SAP Application Management Services. Our certifications and authorizations demonstrate our commitment to quality and best practices.

SAP-Certified Services

Expertise in maintenance, operations, and functional support across SAP solutions.

Authorized SAP (PCOE)

Providing Level 2 and Level 3 support, we collaborate with SAP to bring you mission-critical support.

SAP Certified Team

Our consultants are SAP certified and continuously enhance their skills through the SAP Learning Hub.

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