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Unlock Tailored Industry Solutions
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Innovation Starts Here, with Cloud ERP That Works for You
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Your Global SAP 360 Partner
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Make the Most of Your SAP Solutions
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With over 20 years of pioneering SAP solutions, Cognitus remains at the forefront of innovation, with expertise across a variety of industry verticals, elevating our clients to new heights of success.
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Pioneering SAP Solutions Across Industries

Evolving geopolitical landscapes and technological advancements continuously reshape the Aerospace & Defense industry, driving firms toward more integrated, secure, and agile operations. With SAP Recognized Expertise in Aerospace & Defense, Cognitus helps our clients stay at the leading edge of innovation while reducing risk.

Discover how Boom Supersonic went live in just 3 months.
Aerospace & Defense Capabilities

Explore how our proven solutions deployed across the SAP landscape can help meet compliance demands effectively.

A deep dive into A&D compliance

In an era where tailored solutions and digital customer experiences define success in the Professional Services sector, navigating through complex project landscapes becomes pivotal. Leverage SAP-endorsed, tailor-made professional services solutions to foster digital transformation, driving operational efficiency.

Explore Professional Services Products
Government Contracting Compliance for Professional Services
Manage your time, resources, and project planning in one solution

As the manufacturing sector navigates through digital transformation, challenges like adopting intelligent machinery, integrated business processes, and predictive maintenance take center stage. Learn how our innovative capabilities address these pivotal shifts and drive breakthrough value in a connected manufacturing landscape.

Explore Manufacturing Expertise
Optimize your digital supply chain from logistics to inventory management
Empowering the Manufacturing industry with next-gen innovation

In an industry where rapid delivery and technological advancements dictate success, wholesalers and distributors face the task of adapting and sustaining in a digitally driven environment. Discover how our wholesale distribution expertise innovatively addresses these nuances, ensuring you stay ahead in this dynamic industry.

Driving Growth for Midsize Wholesale Distributors

The Role of Technology and Digitalization in Propelling Differentiation

Discover cloud ERP for the Wholesale Distribution industry
Manage complex, global supply chains with Digital Supply Chain capabilities

In the digital age, the automotive industry is moving toward connected, sustainable, and customer-centric mobility solutions. Explore how our unique drivers empower automotive enterprises to navigate disruptions and stay competitive with data-driven, intelligent technologies.

Discover ready-to-run cloud erp for the Automotive industry
Discover ERP options for Automotive
Enhance your Automotive operations with SAP solutions

In an era where direct consumer engagement and digital retail thrive, CPG brands encounter unique challenges in balancing traditional retail and e-commerce while maintaining supply chain robustness. Uncover how our forward-thinking solutions ensure your brand keeps up and leads in this multifaceted industry.

Feature and Benefits
Exploring SAP S/4HANA
Discover ready-to-run cloud ERP for the CPG industry
Enhance your CPG operations with SAP solutions
CIS-GovCon for A&D Solution Brief
Unlock the most powerful SAP ERP system on the market
Manage risk and enhance profitability with leading procurement solutions
Optimize your Automotive processes with leading Digital Supply Chain solutions
Harness the right technology to optimize your pricing strategies

Product Spotlight

Empowering success through state-of-the-art products

Revolutionize contract management with end-to-end federal compliance, seamless contract synchronization and streamlined operations.

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CIS-GovCon for A&D

Enhance aerospace & defense operations with CIS-GovCon for A&D, ensuring robust reporting, analytics, and Department of Defense compliance in a secure cloud environment.

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CIS-GovCon for ProServ

Revolutionize government contract management in professional services with our specialized solution, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and strategic project execution.

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Project Automation Software

Optimize operations and client satisfaction in the competitive Professional Services landscape with CIS-PS, our dedicated solution for streamlined project and financial management.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Navigate contract management effortlessly with LambdaX, utilizing AI to extract crucial data, ensure accuracy, and optimize contract data.

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Data Migration

Transform data conversion experiences with Alchemy, your ally for secure, precise, and seamless migrations specially crafted for SAP S/4HANA deployments.

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Secure Supplier Operations

Secure your SAP Ariba operations with CIS-Shield, providing unmatched compliance and ensuring that sensitive data is meticulously protected.

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Generative AI

Unlock advanced, data-driven strategies and future-ready your business with our Generative AI, infusing intelligence into every business move.

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Extend and Innovate

Enhance your solution stack and enable your business to reach new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Our Expertise


Fast-track your cloud ERP adoption with industry best practices and continuous innovation.

Digital Supply Chain

Revolutionize your supply chain management with digitized, real-time operations and analytics.

Customer Experience

Foster loyal customer relationships through exceptional, integrated experiences across all channels.

Spend Management

Optimize spending across your organization through strategic procurement and robust spend management solutions.


Harness the right technology to optimize your pricing strategies, ensuring profitable transactions and achieving exponential growth.

Finance & Analytics

Discover valuable insights and enhance financial operations with intelligent analytics and real-time data.

Business Technology Platform

Elevate your enterprise with the SAP Business Technology Platform, your foundation for breakthrough innovation and business agility.

Innovating with Cognitus


What's the Unique Cognitus Advantage?

We help you lead modern business transformations confidently with over 20 years of deep SAP expertise. Access tailored software solutions and comprehensive SAP services, leading you into a future of resilient and sustainable global business operations. 

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CIS-GovCon for A&D

Discover the go-to SAP solution for the aerospace and defense industry. Explore how CIS-GovCon for A&D, built on 20+ years of expertise, seamlessly meets industry-specific compliance requirements while optimizing operational efficiency.

Navigating Business Transformation

Navigate the ever-evolving business landscape with confidence. Explore how cloud ERP and industry-tailored solutions are paving the way for enhanced efficiencies amidst constant changes.

Innovative Cloud ERP Benefits

The power of innovation with cloud ERP helps achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability to place your business at the forefront of your industry.

Cognitus is pioneering growth and digital transformation, spanning borders and shaping tomorrow’s landscape. Explore Cognitus’ global footprint and discover infinite possibilities.

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